Website Design Fees Explained

There are many different things which have an influence but a few are explained below to give you an idea as to why we can offer a website at R19 pm while other businesses ask up to R32 000.

- On the Internet "low cost of free" many times don't equals poor quality and with our web hosting, there are 300+ applications and scripts available that can be installed for FREE with one click and the quality is so good that NO web development company can build something better for even R500 000. (Even with Microsoft's many programmers they can't compete with the free Linux system and Linux is used in 75% of the world's webserwers. Windows = R10 000 per server license while Linux is free and much better)

- A website design business total revenue comes from web design and they provides for example free WEB HOSTING while conversely, a Web hosting business income comes from web hosting and they offer free or low-cost websites. (We fall into this category)

- The biggest cost factor is the time to build an unique website according to specific business and other requirements and is about the LAYOUT or "looks" of a website such as the positioning, colors, photos, videos and other things that is unique for that website. It requires LOTS of time and fairly reasonable cost is thus okay but 98% of the time are spend on the initial layout and the thousands of rands difference between "5 pages" and "10 pages" is nothing more than a making money trick. The MINIMUM price can be regarded as the actual costs (+ profit) of a website and you can then easily add 5 or 10 or 15 or 100 additional pages yourself for free. (Exactly why we have no limitation on the number of pages)

- The specific features are usually also a money making trick because there are hundred thousands FREE Programmes and scripts available to do a multitude of things, and the odds are 99.5% that they used that it don't justify the expensive prices for things such as forms, e-commerce and other automation and functions.

- A specific business asking R5995 for an ecommerce system but guess what. They use an ecommerce system that you can install for free and the R5995 is for layout (looks) of the frontend while you can change yourself or buy a template for R300 that looks just so professionally and with EXACTLY THE SAME functionality.

- In conclusion is the amount someone paid for a website total irrelevant as far as that success is concerned because it's CONTENT that is the most important. A free website with tons of good articles and content is 100x better than a R30 000 website without proper content. Just look how simple and plain look the sites of the Internet giants like Google or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube.